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Holly Mackay: Campaigner

In an industry plagued by misleading comms, elitist waffle and a lack of humanity, one woman stands apart. A defender of truth, clarity and the customer voice, she drags fee structures out of the shadows and cuts gobbledygook down to size. 

Armed with wit, stats and a bee in her bonnet, Holly Mackay calls out CEOs, reprimands regulators and educates the masses. All to help the public make more confident choices with their money.  

Some say she’s the influencer our confused industry needs. She says she’s too old for all that. Either way, she’s taking no prisoners.

On a mission to break the gender investment gap

An online community for women to learn skills, build confidence and make change happen

Holly and her research team discovered a £500bn investment gap between men and women in the UK alone. It was the final straw. If the industry wasn’t going to address the problem, Holly would take it into her own hands. Visible! was born.

Over 500 members strong within the community’s first month, Visible! is making a difference. Combining non-academic, accessible finance courses with lifestage-based articles, interviews and forums, the community is slowly helping to close that gap.

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There's a gender investment gap and the numbers are shocking


“If Visible! can give women a resource that makes them feel they’ve got enough understanding to start and to make sensible decision, then I think that’s how we start the change. It’s about getting people to take the first step.”

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“I really enjoy the emails from Holly! She makes money interesting – I actually look forward to reading them. The advice is useful, and for someone who doesn’t work in finance they offer succinct and understandable information.”