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Holly Mackay: Podcaster

It’s not easy to bridge the gap between worlds of everyday consumer and finance bod, but Holly’s podcasts create a middle ground that both entertains and informs. 

As host, she leads topical conversations while keeping experts on track and accessible. 

As guest, she draws on both industry experience and the voice of the consumer. 

And as planner, Holly raids her book of contacts and pool of ideas to devise original podcasts that people sit up and listen to. The only thing she doesn’t do is sing the theme tune.

Recent podcasts

‘Holly Mackay and Eshita Kabra-Davies discuss the key risks that businesses face in the tech world of today with Katherine Graham, Head of Security Services at NatWest.’

‘Aviva’s new podcast with TV and radio legend, Vernon Kay, and investment pro, Holly Mackay, talking about all things parenting, particularly through difficult times.

Joined by special guests each week, Holly and Vernon delve into today’s tricky parenting issues – sharing their own hacks and getting advice from the experts.’

‘You’ve told us that life doesn’t always follow the script. Sometimes the sh1t hits the fan. Or a new chapter opens. Hear from others who have been there, done that and got the T-Shirt. And pick up some money tips from female advisers who just get it.’


To get in the studio with Holly, please email